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Orinoco Media develops projects settled to the needs of our clients. We work with the best standards of quality at accessible prices. We warrant the confidential handle of the information provided by our clients.

Our working system, based on the lineup of highly specialized teams according to the specific needs of every client, allows us to focus on a wide spectrum of services related to audiovisual production, securing the highest quality at very competitive prices. Besides, we count on the permanent support from our producing house, Orinoco Films. Our services include, among others:

  • Design of production and making of audiovisual projects
  • Comprehensive representation; pre-production, production and postproduction services at national and international level.
  • Feature, short, fiction and documentary films; TV series
  • Advertising and institutional works.
  • Development of graphic and animation projects.
  • Logistic support for executives and producers.
  • Recruitment of qualified staff.

  • Rental of audiovisual equipment, location scouting, casting service.
  • Legal consultancy and processing of shooting permits in Venezuela.
  • Digitalization and organization of audiovisual files.
  • In permanent collaboration with our clients, our main target is interpreting their ideas and transforming them into concepts and solid, creative, attractive and concrete messages. Always aware of new ways of communicating, our experience, developed in complex environments, has allowed us to reach a wide group of working areas that have become a support to our service. These are, among others:

    • Comprehensive design of communication strategies.
    • Advertising and marketing.
    • Consultancies on image positioning.
    • Market research through surveys and social media monitoring.
    • Design of effective strategies for promotion of politic action.
    • Social responsibility campaigns and public management follow-up.
    • Reports on dissemination, coverage and micros.
    • Translations and subtitling.
    • Community Management.
    • PR strategies.
    • Internal communication.
    • Editorial, museographic and events communications design.
    • ATL/BTL strategies and design of music, cultural, institutional, corporative and commercial events.
    • Traditional and alternative media plans.

    Soon we will publish our courses plan.