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Orinoco Media

We are an innovative agency that integrates a high specialization in institutional communication with broad experience in cinematographic production. Using cutting edge technology and knowledge, we count on a staff of professionals, technicians and renowned creatives in the design and production of impacting, original and effective campaigns.



We make available a wide range of services in audiovisual production and logistic support in Venezuela for filmmakers and TV stations around the world.

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We approach the conception, design and production on communication campaigns from a comprehensive and innovative perspective, committed to the results.

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Always aware of the new cultural movements and aesthetic trends of the audiovisual scene, we count on a space dedicated to permanently research, develop, and reflect on digital art and communication technologies.

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Flowing Communication

We know the natural channels for a message to fully get to its destination.

An amazing project

We approach the most complex projects with a comprehensive look, which allows.

Naturally creative

We transform ethereal ideas into concrete messages, focused on results.

Always original

We continually reinvent what is classic and modern without attaching to formalities, conventions or genres.

A story told one thousand times

We deeply value the importance of connecting with the audience in an emotional level.

Overflowing life

We channel the energy and talent of an excellent staff to create powerful and effective communications strategies.


Endless amount of natural locations, every weather, every landscape...