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A cycle, a constant voice. Everlasting return of the story that tells who we are and what we have done.

About us

We would like to offer our clients a comprehensive vision and practice about communications and the creation of contents, offering very focalized services that respond to their needs, following working strategies that may result as innovative as effective.

We would like to position as an agency at the vanguard of communications, not because of the size or the amount of clients we have, but because the efficiency and innovation of the products we create.

Orinoco Media was born in year 2013 as a sister agency to Orinoco Films, a company that has worked in the production of cinematographic content since year 2008. The agency appears to respond to specific needs of our clients, which went beyond Orinoco Films’ specialization. From then on, we have consolidated as a highly dynamic and updated agency.
During this short operation, we have completed more than ten comprehensive communication campaigns in Latin America, one successful presidential electoral campaign, three political and leadership campaigns, more than fifteen individual advertising pieces, tens of image studies, market and opinion studies, internal corporative communication contents, among others; this combination of works has implied the production of more than one hundred thirty audiovisual works, among TV and social media advertisements, documentaries, and TV specials.

Who are we?

We are a communication agency and a producing house made up of young professional from different areas, with a high level of commitment to excellence and endless curiosity towards the possibilities offered by new communication technologies.

  • Our Creative Department dedicates to developing concepts and ideas.
  • Our Production Department approaches the necessary tasks to delivering a project, covering all stages from pre-production to the final obtaining of raw material.
  • Our Post-production Department carries out all editing process until a finished piece is obtained.
  • Our Distribution Department takes all necessary steps for commercialization and distribution of a product.
  • Our Arts Department develops all kinds of graphic and animation projects.
  • Our Marketing and Advertisement Department carries out the comprehensive design of communication strategies of all scales.